The AK/ÖGB campaign “Social Rights First!” was a complete success: more than 15,500 people took part in the European Commission’s Consultation on the Pillar of Social Rights. Now it is vital to keep up the pressure and to remind the heads of state and government of their responsibility.


To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the heads of state and government will meet in Rome on 25 March to discuss Europe's future.


On this day, which is regarded as the day that marks the birth of the European Union, trade unions from all over Europe want to remind the heads of state and government that the European Union has to return to the path again, which, in the decades after its foundation, turned Europe into one of the wealthiest and socially most developed economic areas in the world.


Now is the crucial moment to initiate a change of policy back to a social Europe!


The European Commission is currently working on a Pillar of Social Rights. To ensure that announcements will turn into tangible results for the working population, trade unions from all over Europe are in great support to prioritize social rights in the EU: SocialRightsFirst!


In December 2016, more than 15,500 supporters, who visited our campaign website SocialRightsFirst and took part in a survey of the European Commission concerning the future design of a social Europe, got the ball rolling.


To ensure that all our concerns are taken into account, we now also need your support!

Take part and remind governments that Europe is more than just a Single Market!


Send a message to all heads of state and government: SocialRightsFirst!

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