The Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK) considers the proposed Regulation on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) published on 15 December 2020 to be a good basis for discussion, but there are several points that require adaptation. A revision of the proposal is necessary, for example, with regard to the foreseen obligations and provisions that apply to so-called “gatekeeper platforms”. These, in principal, represent an important step towards creating a level playing field and they are also welcomed from the consumer’s viewpoint. The definition of such “gatekeepers” is furthermore a lengthy process that should therefore be accelerated. Additionally, there should be adequate room to manoeuvre for national rules.


The proposal also lacks the establishment of an efficient supervisory authority. However, from AK’s point of view, this is necessary in order to monitor compliance with the respective provisions. Consumer protection organisations and employee representatives should also be represented on the Digital Markets Advisory Committee. AK demands that other important aspects of digital services, such as the taxation of the digital sector and platform work, which urgently need regulation, are tackled as soon as possible.

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