In cooperation with its members (among others the Association for Consumer Information and the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour), the European Consumers' Organisation BEUC has started an initiative for a pact between consumers and (future) members of the European Parliament, who have put themselves forward for election. This pact is supposed to draw attention to the importance of the EU elections for the consumer, as well as to the expectations of the consumers with regard to EU legislators.
It is one of the Pact’s objectives to make consumers aware of the great significance of the European Parliament with respect to regulating the consumer sector. About 85 % of all legal acts on consumer protection will be decided at EU level. Any associated Directives and Regulations can only be adopted with the European Parliament within the scope of the codecision procedure. Therefore MEPs play an important role with respect to consumer legislation.

Apart from that, it should be pointed out to MEPs, which impact their decisions could have on today’s consumers and future generations. The rise of energy prices, irresponsible bank lending and non-sustainable food production are only three examples of the worries European consumers have to deal with.

In fact, significant legal acts on consumer protection will be debated during the coming term of the European Parliament. It has been planned, for example, to discuss the Directive on Harmonising Consumer Rights, the Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers and a Directive concerning a Regulation of Drug Advertising this coming autumn already.

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