The term "fast fashion" summarizes the negative ecological and social impact of the global textile industry. Clothing is manufactured under high cost pressures, resulting in the exploitation of people and the environment. Cheap production and overconsumption therefore have a high price, even if it is not on the price tag.

In November 2022, the Institut Integral surveyed 1,506 consumers on behalf of Greenpeace and AK regarding their clothing consumption and their attitude towards it. They stated that they spend around 800 Euro a year on clothing. Almost half of this clothing is worn only occasionally or not at all. Although many pay attention to functionality and quality, the low price is often the decisive factor in the purchase. Environmental and social standards play a rather subordinate role.


In the survey the implementation of the supply chain law, which focuses on respect for human rights, meets with a very high level of approval. In addition to a strong supply chain law, the demands of AK include a ban on the destruction of new goods, clear criteria for quality seals, more subsidies for repair services and a ban on the export of textile waste to third countries.


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