Under Directive (EU) 2018/851 of 30 May 2018, the obligation of the Member States to introduce separate collection of textiles by 1 January 2025 was standardised in the Waste Framework Directive. The present proposal aims to create the basis for such separate collection. To this end, the introduction of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for producers of certain textiles is proposed.

AK welcomes the objectives announced by the Commission of promoting environmental and economic improvements in the existing system, which should also improve the overall environmental performance of textiles in their life cycle. However, instead of rushing into EPR systems, the European level should concentrate on setting more detailed waste management targets for the Member States. Providing information and raising awareness about sustainability, reuse and waste prevention is a public sector responsibility, which requires not only sufficient human and financial resources but also more intensive cooperation with consumer organisations. Socio-economic enterprises play an important role in collecting textiles for reuse. Their role should be reinforced.


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