AK EUROPA’s latest Policy Brief 1/2021 is dedicated to the topic of socio-ecological guidelines for the revision of the Energy Tax Directive


The 2003 Energy Taxation Directive was an important step on the path to a functioning internal market and made a vital contribution to ensuring more efficient energy taxation in the European Union. A great deal has happened since then. The internal market, technologies and tax systems have all evolved. A thorough revision of the Energy Taxation Directive is now essential. Above all, it is clear that the Energy Taxation Directive is a key element of the European Union’s Green Deal and should in future make a greater contribution to achieving its climate targets. AK believes it must also focus on social equity. Successful socioecological transformation of the economy and society can only be achieved if no one is left behind.


The objective of AK EUROPA's Policy Briefs is to summarize new developments in the world of workers and consumers in a short and concise manner, to present key findings and expose areas where political action is required, focusing especially on the EU level.

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Dominik Bernhofer

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