The European Commission has announced its intention to create a European Labour Authority. If implemented properly, such an authority could make a contribution to effectively combat cross-border wage and social dumping. Therefore, AK EUROPA and ÖGB Europabüro provide the opportunity of taking part in the official consultation of the Commission with a pre-completed questionnaire. Let’s join together to raise our voice for a Europe that will make our labour markets fairer!


The fight against cross-border wage and social dumping is one of the most urgent tasks of the European trade union movement. For years, many branches, such as the construction or transport sector have been victim of unfair practices by unscrupulous companies. These abuse the free movement of services and labour within the EU at the expense of their employees.


The European Commission has now announced its intention to set up a European Labour Authority to combat unfair competition and cross-border wage and social dumping. For this purpose, it has launched a public consultation, which will end on 7th January 2018.


However, the Commission has not yet provided any detailed information on how such an authority would work. From the point of view of the European trade unions, this Labour Authority should fully concentrate on cross-border wage and social dumping. In particular the effective implementation of European Labour and Social Security Law often fails because the option of enforcing penalties ends in most cases at the national border posts. Here, a European Labour Authority could offer a solution.


In order to support those forces within the European Commission and European governments, which favour such a European Labour Authority, we need as many supporters as possible. For this purpose, experts of AK, ÖGB, DGB and the European Trade Union Confederation have prepared a sample reply to the questions of the Commission. It only takes a few clicks via our homepage to send this pre-completed questionnaire to the Commission.


We need your support for fair labour markets, higher wages and a fairer economy. Taking part is possible until 7th January 2018 under!


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