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Free and flexible but no social security: Fair minimum wages in the age of platformization! 03.02.2020
New Year's Reception 28th Jan 2020
Market power of internet platforms: What are the challenges for regulation and competition? 03.12.2019
Poor and unemployed. Perspectives on European minimum standards in unemployment insurance and minimum income schemes. 14.11.2019
Mapping discrimination in Austria and beyond: Responses at EU and national level. 16.10.2019
Human rights and environmental due diligence: The way forward for responsible business. 24.09.2019
Europe climate-neutral by 2050: What contribution can the EU-budget make in the fight against climate change? 09.09.2019
What does it take to have a European Union working for workers? 26.03.2019
Europe needs functioning social insurance systems
New Year's Reception 2019, 30.01.2019
A closer look at today's European water supply system: Is the revision to the Concessions Directive a door opener for another liberalisation?
The Representative Actions Proposal - Is it a Good Deal for Consumers? 20.11.2018
Midway through the Austrian EU-Presidency: What has been achieved so far for workers?, 22.10.2018
Fighting precarious work in the EU: Challenges for labour law and possible ways forward, 16.10.2018
The Future of Pensions: Discussion on the Commission’s ‘Ageing Report’ and ‘Pension Adequacy Report’, 09.10.2017
Corporate capture in Europe: The influence of corporations in policy making and what to do about it, 24.09.2018
Does the recast of the Drinking Water Directive fulfil the demands of the ECI “right2water”?, 04.09.2018
Faire Mobilität am EU-Arbeitsmarkt: Der Beitrag der Europäischen Arbeitsbehörde im Kampf gegen Lohn- und Sozialdumping in der EU, 07.06.2018
The impact of Brexit on workers´rights, 11.04.2018
GAFA-Tax: Empty promise or future of digital taxation in the EU?, 27.03.2018
What convergence and what divergence across the EU?, 19.03.2018
European Labour Authority - an effective tool against wage and social dumping or a placebo?, 31.01.2018
New Year's Reception 2018, 30.01.2018
Social Security in Europe: Obsolete or Model for the Future?, 11.01.2018
How to get European economic recovery to full speed, 18.09.2017
Ministers Talk: The EU Mobility Package Free Movement of Goods at the Expense of Truck Drivers?, 03.07.2017
Thinking outside the box: Perspectives on pensions The Austrian and German pension systems compared, 27.06.2017
Social aspects in European Road Transport – Single Market versus Workers’ Protection? 21.06.2017
Fair Competition and Fair Labour Markets in the EU? The Example of the Austrian Social Partners of the Construction Industry
Digital Market or Digital Slavery? Organising Working People in the New Age of Platform Capitalism, 03.05.2017
The EU's Uphill Struggle against Tax Dumping: 2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back?, 11.04.2017
Overcoming cleavages across the EU?, 13.03.2017
Austerity and Wage Reduction: The Downfall of the Eurozone?, 01.02.2017
New Years Reception 2017, 30.01.2017