24.07.2020 News EU General, Economic EU-Council with landmark agreement on the European recovery plan
24.07.2020 News Economic Commission presents new Tax Package
24.07.2020 News Transport & Environment Mobility Package takes the last hurdle
23.07.2020 Publications Transport & Environment Factsheet: Der Grüne Deal als Schwerpunkt der EU-Kommission
22.07.2020 Publications Economic The EU budget powering the recovery plan for Europe
17.07.2020 News Social, Digital Education policy: Fit for the digital age?
17.07.2020 News Social, Economic More and more support for an EU law on due diligence
17.07.2020 News Social Europe needs an effective and solidary Youth Guarantee
10.07.2020 News Social, Economic Women deserve more!
10.07.2020 Publications Economic “A new industrial strategy for Europe” and “An SME strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe”