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Mobility package II „Delivering on low-emission mobility“ - Regulation on the access to the international market by coach and bus services

BAK does not see the need to amend Regulation (EC) 1073/2009 for the international market for coach and bus services in the proposed manner. The amendments presented in the Proposal are inappropriate tools to fight against climate change. There are definitely also other measures available to strengthen European industry and improve its competitiveness. The mobility of European citizens could be improved in a more sustainable manner through environmentally friendly alternatives, such as the strengthening of rail transport.
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Mobility package II „Delivering on low-emission mobility“ - Directive on combined transport

In general, BAK welcomes any simplification and clarification of legal provisions to further promote combined transport, but expresses strong doubts that the aforementioned objectives can be met through comprehensive liberalization of road freight transport as a part of combined transport without any regard for existing regulations regarding competition and social conditions. From the point of view of BAK, the Proposal at hand fails to achieve any improvements with a view to the objectives of transport and environmental policy and does not make combined transport more attractive.
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